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What Is Your Oily Hair Scalp Telling You? Hair Care Tips

The feeling of freshly washed hair is fondness of everyday, especially for people with oily hair scalp because the duration of feeling fresh is so precious. It makes us feel so refreshing and confident with the clean looking hair, and the pleasant smell. Hence, it can be especially frustrating to find the clean locks turn overly shiny faster than estimated time, sometimes it pairs with itchy feeling.

Take a closer look in front the mirror, so greasy and dirty. Eww, it looks like the hair is not washed for 2 days. People tend to think that there is nothing can help, because they are born with that gene and failed with many trials and errors. To get the correct solution, you have to first understand why is your scalp producing more oil than others?

What is the oil produced from hair scalp?

The natural oil generated from your scalp is a good thing, called sebum. It is natural moisturizer that softens and protects our skin and hair – it emulsifies sweat and slows down dehydration in hot conditions, it coats the skin to repel chilling rain in cooler conditions. However, it can’t be too little or too much. Sebum production changes over time and generally decreases as you age.

Sebum production changes over time, how is it so?

Your scalp is performing its task to protect you as it produces sebum. Ladies, perhaps you may find the hair being especially oily during the week your period hits. Wonder why? The sebum production is controlled by hormones. It same goes to the men. Generally, men may produce up to five times more sebum than ladies. The differences of oil production can be due to pregnancy, puberty, menopause and even stress. There are many other factors that can affect sebum production – certain diseases and medications.

Useful tips to get rid of oily scalp

  1. First, use cool water to wash your hair instead of hot water. Cool water can help to close your hair cuticles and avoid glands from going into overdrive. Hot water will actually stimulate sebaceous glands and trigger more sebum production from your scalp.

  2. Be sure you wash well with the correct shampoo, dedicated to your hair and scalp condition. Olivia hair shampoo is designed to treat oily and itchy hair scalp by balancing the sebum production up to 95%. Apply Olivia shampoo, gently massage into your roots and scalp with your fingertips. Rinse properly under the water stream to make sure excess oil is rinsed out of your hair thoroughly. This greatly affects the appearance of your hair.

  3. Hair shampoo plays an important role, as well as the hair conditioner. The wrong product can make your hair looks greasy faster than you think. Apply a small amount of Olivia Hair Treatment on your balm, gently massage at the ends of your hair and let sit for 1 to 3 minutes. Rest assured you rinse thoroughly.

  4. At the end of the hair care, apply Olivia Hair Serum and massage at the ends of the hair while it is damp. Finish with a proper hair drying.

We clearly understand how much troubles an oily hair scalp brings us every single day. Do not let oily scalp and greasy hair weigh down you look. Get rid effectively with Olivia hair care set. Try it, the incredible result will wow you.


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