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Top 4 Causes of Frizzy Hair – and Ways to Combat It

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Stop telling me to “fight my frizz”!

Are you fed up with your frizzy hair? You’re not alone. Plenty of women are forced to manage frizzy hair on a daily basis, and it’s an exhausting (and seemingly never ending) battle to say the least. Frizz is a thing to be quenched, beaten down and defeated.

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Top 4 causes of Fizzy Hair & Ways to Combat it

What happens when hair frizzes?

Hair cuticles are made up of little shingles that protect the hair strand from the elements. When hair becomes dry and damaged, we called it frizzy hair, its appearance resembles a pine cone under a microscope: open, rough and prickly frizzy hair; as compared to a healthy cuticle lays down smooth. Frizz is basically the extra dry strands of hair that are desperately calling out for moisture.

We’ve asked our expert hair scientists and hair specialists to tell us everything you should know about frizzy hair. From information about what causes frizzy hair to the best remedies to help tame frizz, we’ve got you covered!

What causes frizzy hair?

1) Harsh hair products

Let’s start at the beginning: Washing. You may have heard that chemicals or harsh products overstrip natural oils of the hair, and you heard correctly. Harsh hair products can include: hair colour or perms, products containing sulfates and alcohols.

Sulfate-free shampoo formulas are easy to find. Olivia Hair Shampoo is specially formulated with 14 special plant-powered ingredients like panax ginseng root extract, arctium majus root extract, hydrolysed soy protein that offer a natural and nourishing method throughout your hair pampering journey.

2) Washing your hair in very hot water

We can’t stress enough the dangers of overheating: Some people may feel relaxing showering in extra hot water, but it’s not doing your hair (or your skin). Scalding hot water can strip natural oil barrier that keep your hair moisturized and shiny. Hot water can also open up the cuticles, so to fight frizzy curly hair, stick to a shorter shower with lukewarm water with Olivia Hair Shampoo – a naturally-based, safe, and effective formulas made from the Earth's own ingredients. Your hair will thank you later.

3) Warm and humid weather

Nothing makes your hair turn frizzy faster than rainforest-like conditions, that is during a hot, humid summer day (or when you’re on vacation somewhere warm). In humid environment, overdried hair frizzy due to the outer layer cuticle absorbs water from the air and causes hair to swell up – and then frizz out. Luckily, the right Olivia Hair Treatment can help in locking all the nutrients and seals it back for the anti-frizz result.

4) Touching your hair too much

Handling your hair too much – either wet or dry – can disrupt the hair patterns. After washing your hair, you can blow dry it instead of rubbing over the towel. Then, you can apply a final layer of Oliva Hair Serum, especially if you have coarse hair. It contains 3 natural oils – argan oil, chia seed oil and marula oil to penetrate the hair shaft, making it instantly, deeply moisturizing, which also tame your strands without weighing them down.

So, what’s the RIGHT way to keep the frizz away?

In addition to these four frizz-causing factors, our top hair specialists had plenty of great tips on how to avoid frizzy hair.

1. Know your hair type

2. Choose the right shampoo

3. Use hair treatment

4. Apply hair serum

5. Trim your hair regularly

No worries, The Olivia Hair Care Premium range is here! A complete hair care range from shampoo to treatment and serum.

The Golden Hair Formula:

· Promotes scalp health

· Smooths and strengthens hair

· Nourish and protect hair follicles

· Repairs damaged hair

· Restore moisture and shine


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Jentzen Sey
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